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Randee Shenkel, PhD

Randee Shenkel, PhD has been in practice as a Clinical Psychologist since 1978.  After receiving a PhD from the University of Kansas, Dr. Shenkel has worked in private practice, hospital settings(rehabilitation centers, chronic pain centers) and at Vanderbilt University, University of Central Missouri, and the University of Missouri, Columbia.  She has several publications in professional journals and has served as President of the Kansas Association of Professional Psychologists and as Newsletter Editor for the Kansas City Psychological Association.

Dr. Shenkel has years of experience with individuals with a wide range of chronic illnesses and has served on local boards of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Diabetes Association.  She has also had years of experience working with individuals with Chronic Pain in private practice as well as at Chronic Pain Centers at St. Lukes Hospital in Kansas City and St. John's Hospital in St. Louis.  She has also worked with individuals with a wide range of physical problems at the Rehabilitation Units of St. Lukes Hospital and Menorah Hospital in Kansas City, St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Louis and Columbia Regional Hospital in Columbia.

Since moving to Columbia in 2006, Dr. Shenkel has worked at Columbia Regional Hospital, University of Missouri Student Health Center and in her private practice at Center for Family and Individual Counseling.  In additon to those suffering health problems, Dr. Shenkel works with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety  and relationship issues including marital counseling.  Dr. Shenkel uses a cognitive behavioral approach to treatment and patients can expect a deeper understanding of their motives and behavior along with encouragement to try new approaches to life issues via "homework" to encourage changes in behavior and feelings in a timely manner.

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at 573-446-5034 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Randee Shenkel.