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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Meghan Keeler, MEd LPC


I work with an open, compassionate, person-centered approach to create a space and process that is collaborative, safe, and adaptive to the needs, goals and preferences of each person.
Each therapy session is flexible and integrative, with the potential for some traditional talk therapy (if desired), while also allowing for the inclusion of a variety of other practices. 
These include spending time in nature and deepening relationship with the natural world (eco-therapy), narrative therapies using archetypes, story and praise, as well as a wide variety of mindful and embodied awareness practices that focus on deepening and shifting our personal relationship with mental, emotional and physical habits and suffering. 
I work regularly with a diversity of people in ways that seek to honor the historical, social, cultural and environmental influences on human health and wellbeing. My work includes a variety of issues including (but not limited to):
Acute and Complicated Trauma
Anxiety, Depression and Mood
Navigation of Grief & Loss
Transgender and LGBTQ concerns
Domestic Violence and Abuse
Climate Change, Collapse Anxiety
Mental Distress caused by inequality/social injustice
Attachment & Attunement Practices
Shifting Shame-based Narratives
Stress Reduction
Contemplative Practice & Embodied Awareness
Life, Work and/or Relationship Transitions
I have a lifelong commitment to social equality and care of all human and natural communities. My work as a counselor began in 2011 and I have been exploring and teaching nature-based forms of awareness (mindfulness) since my certification in Wilderness Awareness in 2006.  Additionally, I have over a decade of personal practice and experience teaching meditation and nature & embodied awareness at various retreat, nature, and community centers, as well as with the University of Missouri's positive psychology graduate certificate programs.